About Mashgali, What is our vision, About Developers Plus

About System
Mashgali is a solution to manage your salon All you need for a successful management of your salon in one system.
Managing all salon operations from organizing, booking, selling and others.
Reservations management and accessibility .Manage everything related to financial accounts, profits and salaries account

Our Vision

The existence of a high-quality system that serves the Arab user and the owner of the salon in order to facilitate both the daily operations of reservation and search for the user, and the management and financial and comprehensive follow-up of all salon operations, and God is the guardian of success.

Developers Plus Company

We are a creative company that develops software, systems, websites, and applications development for smart phone applications. A company that provides all development and design services, software consulting, and search engine optimization.
The company has built hundreds of websites and dozens of different platforms, and we have several products such as my operator program, my real estate program, and a suite of programs in the App Store.